Student Life

I’ve struggled as a student, like really freakin struggled. I was on this “non participation list” aka I wasn’t allowed to go to school dances/games/rallys because I was doing so bad (this was only middle school).  Then in High School I got my behind caught up stealing attendance notes and almost didn’t walk the stage. Again, I was a very bad apple, I mean who the hell skips school at the age of twelve?

Since then, I really have got my sh#t together and made a lot of academic or smarty pants friends. Turns out, I’m one of them. The smarty pants & I have united. I’ve succeeded through middle college (where I was asked to speak at the graduation ceremony on behalf of the students) and am now in an honors BA program. Very interesting turn around, but again. My failure has brought success for me and now you.


Hard Hustlin’ Honeys