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Recharging Yourself With Simple Mantras and Exercises

We forget that recharging ourselves isn’t always about getting physical. Sometimes we need to reinvent the wheel and train our minds to recharge rather than our bodies. Exercising and eating healthy does rejuvenate the body, but how to do we revive things like motivation and ambition? We’re sharing with you some of our favorite ways to restore your ambition and hustle by using mantras and mindful exercises. Tips to reciting mantras: Find a quiet place…

5 Ways to Nip Anxiety Naturally

Dealing with anxiety and nervous energy can be painful especially if you feel like you need to get a lot done. Your body sometimes does things of it’s own especially when you have energy that needs to be grounded. If you’re unsure what anxiety is, here are some symptoms and signs below: Shaking Pacing Inability to focus Tense body language Medication Uncontrollable thoughts Mood swings Panic attacks Sweating Insomnia If you’re ever feeling anxious or…

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Clear Signs You’re Not Made for 9-5

Has anyone ever told you that you’re too smart? Does every job you land seem to be extremely fluid or end up temporary? Do you enjoy leading others and making your own executive decisions?  What if I told you that you aren’t made to work for someone else? These are six clear signs you’ve got what it takes to be an entrepreneur.    Drive to Help Others As an entrepreneur, your goal isn’t to scare…

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