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Recharging Yourself With Simple Mantras and Exercises

We forget that recharging ourselves isn’t always about getting physical. Sometimes we need to reinvent the wheel and train our minds to recharge rather than our bodies. Exercising and eating healthy does rejuvenate the body, but how to do we revive things like motivation and ambition? We’re sharing with you some of our favorite ways to restore your ambition and hustle by using mantras and mindful exercises. Tips to reciting mantras: Find a quiet place…

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200 Things You Don’t Need In Your Home (Intro to Minimalism)

Office Non functioning pens Broken pencils Extra staplers Stapler removers Old ink cartridges Water bottles lingering around your desk Your trash bin (that’s been sitting there for weeks) Meaningless post its Faded stickers Dried up glue Book marks Non functioning printer Unused electronics Pencil holders Pencil pouches Non functioning high lighters Non functioning markers Book stoppers (unless they’re functional) Bent/broken rulers Magazines Electronic Accessories Dried out paint Unused craft supplies Cut up paper Old product…

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