10 Reasons You Need To Start Saving

We all know every hard hustling honey doesn’t just work to spend her hard earned money.  It sucks living check to check especially if that’s how you were raised. What is the point of working your ass off just to spend? Yeah, cool your work offers a 401k plan but they’re not prepping you for unexpected emergencies like auto issues and random debt! If you are waiting for that direct deposit to hit just to take yourself out to get a mani pedi, then this ones for you honey! Here’s ten reasons why you need to start saving ASAP.

#1 Handling Emergency’s Like a Boss


Anything can happen and any time. Sometimes the universe f#ck’s with you and sometimes it knocks you down. If your phone breaks and you need it for work then wyd? Having ER money saved will help you in situations like this so you don’t have to go and finance a phone or worst a transmission then run your credit for the billionth time. Having some emergency funds keeps you from asking people for money (embarrassing) and ruining your debt (embarrassing).

   #2  Relying On Credit


Newsflash, you can’t always rely on financing to help you out. If you reach for your cute little credit card every time you buy something you don’t need then chances are you can’t afford it. “But I get points” cute excuse babe, but you also get charged an APR. If you look close at your statement you get charged a monthly fee of whatever and then the next month charged for that APR and so on. It’s funny how we don’t really catch those things. But if you have money stacked for certain things that you need then go you!

#3 Fun Money


It feels good to be able to go out and say, “yup I can afford that” versus “I don’t get paid until Friday”. Having some fun money saved for when you want to go out won’t make you feel so guilty spending your last 100$ that was supposed to be for the week. Have a special savings account or jar for your fun money.

#4 Grow Baby Grow


Have you ever seen something start so small and grow into something bigger and better? Try it with a savings account! It feels so empowering, being able to watch your bank account stack up. The hardest part is not touching it so what I like to do is deposit a portion of my check into an account that can’t be touched like Capitol One 360 – it also accumulates interest. You’re welcome.

#5 The Law of Attraction


Guaranteed you will become addicted to saving once you see it’s benefits! The more you practice good money skills the more likely you will be to save more. Remember, you can control your spending habits but not disasters. The more you focus on your goal, the more will come to it!

#6 Excuses



Before you start saving you might have excuses like, “I have this bill and I live check to check”. Well if you sent 15$ to a savings account every week (that’s 30$ every check) you could have 780$ stored away in a year. In 3 years you could have enough for a vacation!

#7 Feelin’ Yourself


Knowing that you have money in the bank not only makes you feel more sexy and confident, but the fact that you have the willpower to save will have you flourishing! It’s scary worrying about how you will pay the bills or attend a birthday event you can’t afford. Having some back up funds will put you at ease 24/7. You’ll also sleep better at night and wake up in a better mood.

#8 Lead By Example


Serious question, do you really want your kids borrowing money from you? What’s the difference with letting them borrow from a bank? Teaching your kids to save money is one of the best skills out there! Not many people are good enough with their money to even show their kids how to save let alone talk about it! Talk money!

#9 Guaranteed Satisfaction


There will not be a time where you’ll say, “Damn, I regret saving all this money for this emergency” you’ll be thanking yourself! Be that person who is confident when it comes to financial emergency situations because you can handle them!

#10 Rewards & Treats


The biggest reward you can give yourself is security. It seems so hard to save because you deserve so much and work so hard. Constantly telling yourself to reward yourself by spending is just like feeding yourself fast food after working out. Your finances are considered a part of your health honey!

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