Reframing a Bad Day Any Time

You may know by now that some days are good days and some days aren’t the greatest. Sometimes you’ll wake up refreshed feeling motivated and ready to zoom through your day like a pro. Then the next day you’re just feeling cranky, lazy, and maybe even bloated. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the pleasure of calling off work and hiding in the covers, but it is possible to stop that sh#tty day from infecting the rest of  it! Here are four unique ways to stop a horrible day at any time!

Remind: Why You’re Doing it

There’s a reason you are at school, driving to work, or babysitting. If you find yourself saying, “I hate this place, I can’t stand being here” then it’s time to reevaluate the real WHY. Are you getting a good check? Will you get a degree once you pass that class? Is being at home better than dropping your kid off at day care? Remind yourself the real reason YOU made the choice to be where you are.


Restart Buttons

It may sound crazy, but you don’t need to wait until tomorrow for a new day. Time is this crazy concept that has no rules (technically). You may be dealing with a frustrating client or just received a crappy grade that’s killing your mood. Step outside, walk to the coffee shop, call up your best friend and tell yourself “I’m going to come back in with a new attitude like nothing terrifying just happened”. This is where “fake it til you make it” will come in handy and really assist you in shifting the rest of your day.


What’s Causing Them?

You know you, better than anyone! If you feel like you’ve been having sh#tty days, back to back then something needs to get changed. Reevaluate the situation and see what’s causing your horrible days. Is it when your partner says something about your outfit, does it start when you have to wait in a long line for lunch, does it occur when you’re running late? Look at what is causing your stress and fix them!


Taking a Break

Occasionally, it’s okay to say, “deuces, I’m going for my lunch” or “I need to make a phone call”. Close your door, step outside, go for a walk – just escape. Try giving yourself a chance to calm down before you put yourself back into a stressful situation. If you reward yourself after handling a stressful situation you will more than likely handle it better than you would’ve without a reward. Now, don’t over hype yourself up and go purchase a 100$ sunglasses, but do something nice for yourself!



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