9 Beauty Hacks For An Easy Morning

We’ve all been there, staring into the mirror at our crooked eye liner and frizzy hair. Some days our products that have promised to take care of us just aren’t cutting it. Here are nine unique beauty hacks that will have you looking like a sharp cut throat honey.


Hair Care


Do it every other day depending on how oily your scalp may be – the more oily (more wash), less oily (less wash). If you hate washing your hair because it takes too long to style try finding products that will make your hair less wet & heavy. YES THESE PRODUCTS EXSIST! (It’s A 10- makes hair feel silky, smells good, and makes hair less wet)

Here’s The Entire Line: Silk Express Shampoo, Conditioner, Smoothing Balm It’s a 10 (purple, fresh)


We all cannot afford luxurious high end hair products or even visit our stylists every 6-7 weeks. Here is a tip that cost’s 1/4 of what your hair dresser charges you: Switch up your shampoo and conditioner brand. Your shampoo can be drug store if you don’t need it for color correcting, but use a high end conditioner to help nourish your locks. Using good products will mean less visits to the dresser and less style time.


This is your go to hair style whether you have long or short hair – buns. You can do a top bun or a sock bun. This style is easy to ensemble and makes every look sharp as hell. Add headbands if you want to do a little extra to your simple style. (My favorite is the top knot bun). Also, adding gel to any hair style will make it look sleek and clean along with bobby pins.




Know what “look” you are going for. There is a difference between “full glam” and “eyebrows only”. Unless your job requires you to look extra spiffy 25/9 try going for a more natural look, they take less time and don’t require so many products. If you want a full face or the “Kim K look” wake up earlier and make sure you have everything before you start.

Foundation vs Concealer

Some days depending on: how hydrated you are, how much you’ve slept, and what’s going on with your acne – you may or may not want full coverage. Foundation can be applied everywhere but concealer is only meant for certain spots. If you are concealing everything just go for the foundation girl. You don’t need to bathe in the stuff, just put enough on your brush or sponge to cancel out trouble ares.

Blending Evenly

Yes, as you may know blending is crucial. After every step just blend it out with a clean brush or sponge. There is nothing wrong with blending after each step if you do it lightly (soft hand) and evenly (don’t just apply to one area). Blend your brows, concealer, bronzer, and everything else (lipstick can be blended with a paper towel with an up and down motion). Use brushes that are fluffy and semi round.


Skin Care

Left Overs

Eye make is harder to take off than permanent sharpie (don’t ask how we know). That stuff gets stuck between every crack & corner you’ve got. Go in with a q-tip and water proof eye makeup remover and gently wipe away. Left over eye makeup appears as if you have dark circles – if you do have dark circles, this will make them look worst. Once you’re done use an eye cream to help hydrate the eye area (moisture can only be restored in this area through products).

Moisturize & Prime

Moisturizers are cheap and so are primers. Apply both of these in the morning after washing your face for a beautiful glow. Primers will help your makeup go on and come off easy. Moisturizer hydrates your face before the crucial day. You can mix these two together if you’re in a hurry or just use a spray on primer. Not using primer will have your makeup running off your face faster than a barista at 8AM. If you use oils and creams use the oil first, serum second, and moisturizer last (Products should be applied from thin to thick).

Bring It Down

Anything that goes onto your face should come down to your neck. Neck wrinkles give away your age and are just as prone to sun spots. Wash your neck with your same face wash, moisturize with your face lotion, and try to match foundations to your neck as well! Also, applying serums to your neck area will help keep it hydrated and protected for the sun!

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