How To Incorporate Self Love Everyday

Self love and care isn’t just about loving your flaws, it’s about appreciation and awareness towards one self. There may be days where you feel like your hair falls flat, your nails keep breaking, and you’re constantly judged for your personality. There are tons of reasons why we feel as if what we bring to the plate isn’t enough due to media, peers, and sometimes even our significant others. Although you can’t control what other people say you can control your attitude and how you handle situations that question your character.


Boosting Your Attitude

  • Starting Right

If you leave home looking like you got dragged out by the neighbors cat you are more than likely going to feel like everyone is looking at you. Paranoia in thoughts that everyone is looking at you will cause attention due to your anxiety causing you to point out why you look a mess and so on. Start every morning relaxed, joyful, and happy! Here is a post called How To Set Your Morning Up For Success! 

  • Smile At Yourself

Look in a mirror and smile every so often. Doing this too much might creep someone out, especially if you’re in the middle of a conversation, but any chance you are in a bathroom alone go ahead and check yourself out, smile and touch up that lipgloss.

  • Put Your Phone Away

Reading about politics, world hunger, and the education gap might make you angry. That is a marketers job to come in contact with the reader and get them fired up. Stay away from negative energy like this especially if you are trying to be a happier person. (I unfollowed a lot of negative/naggy people from social media and I don’t regret it.)


Taking Care of Yourself

  • Create a Routine

Why is it that someone else is telling you how to take care of YOURSELF? Wasn’t that your moms job? We all forget things, we learn new tips every day and we even forget the most simple things like how to properly floss and how often we should wash our bra’s. Find a fun beauty blog/vlog and get educated on a new beauty hacks!

  • Mental Health Is Wealth

After a tragedy or loss many people begin to ignore their mental health. Psychologist say that it is important to constantly be in communication with close friends or family during rough times. Signs of mental health issues can alter your sleeping, eating, and motivation – all of these factors make you beautiful! Don’t sleep on them. Working out during rough times allows your body to release negative energy and will restore your glow!

  • Beauty Products

Not every deodorant works, not all conditioners make your hair silky. Honestly, some products might just f#ck your hair & skin up. If you are having skin problems or issues with your hair just throw everything out and try ALL NEW PRODUCTS. It’s fun and you might encounter something that might just be your next must have item. Don’t forget that you are a growing vessel and what might have worked a few months ago may not work today.


  • Work vs Life

Does your job do everything it can to accommodate your needs? Are you picking up extra hours to make the bills? Have you even asked yourself why you work so hard? Balancing work and life is the key to self love. Having balance between your 9-5 and when you go out for pedicures is rewarding. Weigh out if having that full cable plan is worth those extra hours of work, opt out for a Netflix subscription or watch your favorite shows at friends houses instead!

  • Practice No

You might be the nice friend who will stop what you’re doing to go help another friend do something unimportant. You also might the worker that picks up additional shifts when you’re only available x amount of hours. Learn to say no especially if the only reason you agreed was to please someone. Saying NO isn’t mean, saying hell no is a little different. Pick and choose your battles!

  •  Fueling The Flame

You’ve got to get up and go somedays, we all have been there. Sometimes McDonalds for lunch is the only option when we’re in a hurry but over indulging on fast and processed foods will slow you down mentally and physically. Go ahead and have fries for lunch, but bring your own sandwich! Eating 100% organic and gluten free isn’t easy for everyone and eating burgers aren’t the worst thing in the world find your balance!


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