The Most Useful Back to School Items

Not every student lives in a dorm or even takes classes on a campus, but you’re still going to need some items to help you through the year. School supplies shopping is the second most popular buying season besides Christmas, so how do you cut the junk and get straight to the good stuff? Here are some breath taking tips on how to pick out items and avoid the false promising garbage that won’t stick around.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Lunch pales, sandwich boxes, sandwich bags, and even water bottles!

Find something that is actually worth your money and something you and your kids will like! Carrying around noisy plastic water bottles and wasting brown bags are out of date. Get a cute lunch box with a colorful reusable water bottle.

Tip: Freeze a water bottle and use it as an ice pack or get an ice pack for your chilled foods.

Writing Supplies

Here’s the secret with pens, pencils, markers, crayons, etc. All of that sh#t gets lost, and I mean all of it! By the end of next month your kid will be asking you to take them back to the store for a brand new set. Try keeping it to a minimal, you don’t need every shade of pink or twistables and non twistable crayons. Let your kid know you’ll splurge on something else!

Tip: Don’t let your kids take all of their school supplies to school, otherwise all of it will get lost. Use different bags for different items to keep things tidy.

Getting Perfect Attendance

The only reason for your children to miss school is if your child is sick. Some days we need a day off and sometimes our kids do too. To save those absences up for a holiday or spontaneous bonding day use anti-bacterial everything. You do not want germs entering your home when you least expect it. School zones are flooded with bacteria and it’s so easy for them to come home. Try teaching your kids to wash their hands, keep things from school off their beds, and cleaning regularly.

Tip: Send your kids to school with hand sanitizer but still remind them it’s important to wash our hands! There are so many options when it comes to disinfecting products get something that is accessible for your children and easy to use!

How To Not Lose Everything

Not everything comes hole punched, plus constantly opening and closing binder rings is extremely annoying. Do you remember dropping your binder on the floor and scrambling to pick up the papers that fell onto the pavement? You get the point, binders suck. This gem has lasted  for 4 semesters and finally decided to break after two years. Not once has it failed me! Try an accordion style binder to store files, hold an iPad, and syllabi.

Tip: Carrying just this one item will help you from carrying around multiple binders. Also, you can slip notebooks/books/classwork into these  – don’t feel limited.

Investing Without Regret

College and high school students use a lot more screen time especially when drafting papers, doing research, and socializing. It’s great that there is a desktop locked into the wall at home but having a laptop is one of the best investments a college student can have. Considering most campuses, libraries, and coffee shops have wifi getting work done is extremely convenient. With technology the most expensive products are not always the best products but from personal experiences mac books are a must have for college. They charge extremely fast, can hold tons of files, and are super lightweight! Apple can also finance college students based on the products you purchase!

Tip: Protect your devices to keep them lasting forever! Screen protects, key pad protects, and fashionable cases.

For The Big Kids

There are nights where a bottle of wine are needed. It’s really important to know that sugary drinks will cause the worst hangovers, with that being said always stay prepared! You don’t want to head to a lecture feeling like complete crap, or drop the kids off and head to work feeling a mess. Always have water for the worst days and something to fuel you up (cut the grease and pick up bread & a banana) along with some B12.

Tip: Don’t stay home to recover from a hangover unless you really need to. Being productive is so much sexier than smelling up your bed all day. Try these vitamins to help your hangover!


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