How To Excite Your Kids For School

Building momentum for the kiddo’s to give up sleeping in to start doing homework is terribly difficult for most parents. Give or take your child is extremely excited or anxiously dreading to begin the new semester. As always, here are incredible tips for getting your kid ready for the new year with a good attitude.

  • Start With The Environment

From a behavioral glance children will succeed at a higher chance if they are in a environment that will maximize their success. In other words, get the house ready for school! Start putting up cool posters, keep the television sets off, start making tablets unavailable after a certain amount of time. Do things slowly and sequentially without taking everything away causing tons of distress.

  • Get Into Routine

Children have a very strict internal alarm clock, meaning they are likely to wake up at the same time frequently no matter how late they stay up. Try getting your kids to winddown hours before bed. If you can get them to start cleaning up, bathing, and taking care of their personal hygiene.

  • Rewarding Them

Rewards aren’t strictly eating out and buying gifts. Rewards can include verbally thanking your kids for being so amazing with getting ready for bed on time and playing board games with them. Making yourself available to help them get ready for a transition is extremely helpful and rewarding!

  • Lead By Example

If you’re trying to get the kids to sleep at 9 and you’re up all night playing words with friends then your kids will be just as restless. Try to lay down with them or close their door once it’s time for them to sleep. Waking up earlier is a great example to lead especially if you need some additional time for things.

  • Get Them Involved

In the morning or at night have your child make their own lunch and pack their bags. The energy you give off will make the kids either more or less excited about the new routine. If you display the stress of getting up early and packing lunches your kids will feel the same way.

  • Make it Fun

If you can visibly see what needs to get done maybe it’ll get accomplished faster! Having stickers and fun stuff while getting ready makes routines exciting and rewarding! If your kids are always forgetting something in their routine try writing out a schedule but make it fun without limiting what can be on it. Playing music in the morning can also boost the mood and make getting ready more interactive compared to the television.

  • Keep Them Prepared

Having things ready and having your kids ready makes the morning a breeze. Double check for jackets, make sure their lunches are ready, and school supplies is somewhere zipped away in their bags. If your kids are set up for the day they’ll have a great time and be more confident!

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