Simple Life Hacks to Improve Productivity

Are you having a hard time finding motivation to start something? Is it taking you forever just to get out of bed? We’ve all been there! We almost always have something to do, here’s how to do it from the minute you wake up til you hit the pillow!

  • Be in an area that makes you happy

Avoid your bedroom when trying to be productive. Your bedroom is for sleep and boom chicka- wow- wow. Go to your kitchen, brew a nice cup of coffee, and bring all the supplies you need! No excuses mi amor!

  • Caffeine vs Alcohol

A beer or a glass of wine produces creativity. Where a cup of joe increases focus. If you need to work on an outline or have writers block pour yourself a cup of my favorite- Stella Rosa and get to brain storming. If your outline is done and you are ready to get going- pour up a charming caffeinated cup of coffee/tea. Don’t drink too much or you’ll end up in the bathroom delaying whatever you planned on doing.

  • Turn Up! The Lights

Working in a dark room sends signals to your body that it’s time to sleep. Get some candles up and going. If it’s day light pop open the shades and get ready to be productive.

  • Timers

If you’re really not motivated start a timer. Not everything in life is fun, but if you can get it over with then you’re able to move onto something else. Try setting a timer for x amount of time, and if you beat it then the rest of the day is yours.

  • Stress

There are these magical pills my boyfriend and I take in the morning called Ashwagandha. We were super stressed out, extremely unmotivated and constantly fighting. My practitioner said that Ashwagandha lowers cortisol levels (cortisol is the stress hormone) and within three days of taking these things I was up and running for the entire day. I also felt more motivated and positive!

  • Power Hour

Give yourself one entire hour to do whatever you want. Relax, watch the news or go for a walk. Whatever makes you happy do it for one entire hour! Don’t do laundry or dishes, save it for when your hours up. Mornings are my preference (hours before the kids are up) so I can start off the day super charged and relaxed. My power hour doesn’t include running a million errands, heading to work, and taking my kids to where they need to be for the day. It’s about relaxing and calling it mine.

  • Medicinal Cannabis

I am not encouraging you all to “smoke weed every day” but sometimes CBD and THC (two main ingredients found in medicinal marijuana) can improve productivity, relieve anxiety, and enhance focus. Luckily for you there are two options, one with psychoactive effects and one without. Medicinal marijuana contains the psychoactive ingredient THC, and with a special card you can purchase the goods at a local dispensary or even have it delivered! If you’re not interested in the mind boggling effects try out CBD oil, it has no traces of THC (psycho-active ingredient) it relieves pain and reduces anxiety! You can find CBD pills, extracts, and oils here on

  • Be Untouchable

Step away from the stories and hide from your devices. Our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or whatever feeds you’re into are bottomless! It’s important to either turn off or silence your devices. It’s so tempting to hop back on these babies, try giving it to a friend and tell them not to give it back to you until you finish your task.

  • Forest Friends

Plants are amazing to have in the home! They produce healthy oxygen, moisture, and purify air! You can also find plants for under 5$ or even grow your own for less than 2$. The good thing about plants is that they are nice to gaze at when you’re in the middle of working on something. Plants with colorful flowers or flourishing succulents will have you in a great mood instantly.

  • Clean & Clear

Do you ever wonder why you’re so productive in a library or school setting? It”s because there is no clutter! If you’re working in a clean area without any distractions you’ll finish quicker and more effectively. If you’re staring at your big ass pile of dishes while trying to organize your bills then you’re going to end up rushing because all you’re unintentionally thinking of is that giant pile of crap in the sink.

  • Febreze & Candles

My favorite hack for productivity is air fresheners. Why? Good smelling scents trick the brain that you are in a clean relaxing environment. If you can fool your brain that you are relaxing in “Bora Bora Waters” rather than trapped in your apartment with a paper due at 11:59pm then you’ll create with less stress. The sight of a burning candle always puts a smile on my face too!

  • Motivation Boards

These are fun and extremely rewarding! Motivation boards consist of things you visibly want in life. For me it was a bubble bath full of roses and a bottle of champaign along with a Lexus IS300, and a Las Vegas mansion. Do I have any of these? Not yet, but the board motivates me to finish whatever I need to in the mean time, so one day I can have it!





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