Everyday Minimalist Must-Haves

As a mommy your grocery and target list is endless. After hoarding so many different products that didn’t work for me I began searching for products that were multi-useful for my family and I. When I started studying minimalism I began to experiment with different products, throwing many away, and even picking new ones up. Minimalism is about having items that are useful, meaningful, and safe. Here below are my favorite minimalist must have’s that can be used amongst the entire family and for a handful of things!


Method 2-in-1 Dish + Hand Cleaner

Do you really need two different soaps hanging out on your sink? They both should be safe for your hands and keep your dishes clean. Why buy two different soaps when you can buy one that should be doing both! It is also bio degradable, and remade from recycled water bottles collected by Method employee’s. I’m here for it!

Seventh Generation Multi Purpose Cleaner & Disinfecting Spray

Are you aware that your bathroom cleaning products hold the most toxic formulas? If your products are sitting in non-ventilated areas for a long period of time and being used in the same room (la bano) you are building up a chemical cocktail! A favorite amongst green party goers is seventh gen products. An all purpose cleaner and some vinegar with baking soda is all you need my love! Also, this stuff is great during cold and flu season and doesn’t need to be diluted.

Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags

Do you make lunch for your awesome kiddo’s every day or a few times a week? Hitting up the grocery store because you ran out of sandwich bags SUCKS, because then you end up buying crap you don’t need. Buy some reusable ones that are actually cute and decrease garbage build up. You can buy 2 packs or even 8 packs. Make this a hype please!

Reusable Insulated Water Bottles

These are just so freaking cute. I happen to hoard reusable water bottles and plastic water bottles, I’d rather hold onto a rose gold one than a flimsy plastic one that gets hot after 5 minutes. Reusing a water bottle and carrying one around can also save you a ton of money! One bottle of water = $1.25 without tax depending on where you are, but if you bring your own just find a fountain! Also, many coffee shops offer discounts if you bring your own cup! You are very welcome.

Beauty & Health

Organic Coconut Oil

Bless the fairy who thought of using coconut’s for their healthy fatty oil. This stuff works awesome as a makeup remover, moisturizer, hair reviver, and cooking oil! It’s a healthy all in one. Bye bye hair masks and makeup remover!

Adult Multi Vitamins

It’s your job to replace the Flinstone vitamins with better ones. I love these and so does my hubby, they’re fun to take and taste amazing! This brand offers vitamins that are hard to obtain all in one. They also have a 1-1 program that support women and children deficient in minerals and vitamins with the help of every product you purchase.

Kids Multi Vitamins

Oh, you thought only you had access to the good stuff? Well they offer the same great options, but for your kids! These are super tasty and again, great packaging that kiddies will love!

Cetaphil Face and Body Cleanser

I used to have a body wash for me, a body wash for my hubby, and a body wash for my son. I also had a special anti aging face wash, plus an exfoliating face scrub, and another acne fighting one for my hubby. Little did I know, we both were irritating our skin with these crappy products and needed something gentle. We were excited when we found this and started using this gentle fragrance free cleaner on the little guy.

Cetaphil Face and Body Lotion

Like said above, this stuff is everything. This brand is everything! If everyone can use it then why not use it? Forget everyone getting their own special type of this and that, lets get the basics and that’s hydration and fragrance free! If you’re looking for an anti aging or acne fighting ingredient then add an essential oil to your dollop of goodness.

Tea Tree Oil

Is acne a serious problem for you? Forget everything and just try this! It works quick and it works effectively. Just dab a little bit onto a q-tip or cotton round and apply onto clogged pores and zits. This stuff is strong and a little goes a long way. (Please don’t put this near your eyes). Holy grail to minimalist acne care and also works great as a antiseptic.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen

Hello sunscreen, oh wait is that you setting spray? Guess what, it is both! It also works! This is my favorite product in this entire list if you couldn’t tell by all the exclamation marks. It dries matte, it has a SPF of 30 and reapplying is as simple as a spritz! Whether it is cloudy or sunny outside you always need sunscreen, it’s also a plus to freeze your makeup so why not try both?

Are there any other products you love? Are you a minimalist in the process and need help with picking & choosing your must haves? Feel free to comment or even read the book that helped me decide if minimalism was right for me! It’s called Minimalism vs Consumerism by Seth Caraway.

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