How To Be a Successful Parent and Student

Attending school seems like the only route to making money in this modern era of alternative facts and waist shapers. If you are in school or if you are considering going back to school after having a child I have great tips specially crafted for you. Whether you are a stay at home mom or full time employed mami these tips will help you out (I’ve done both and managed to be a mommy/student/employee successfully).

  • Look At Your Plate

This is the most important thing that may be holding you back from taking a class(es). Is too much on your plate already? Will going back to school benefit your career or teach you something you’ve always wanted to learn? Does enrolling into school fit into your budget? Weigh out all your options, look into online classes or night classes. A few hours out the house could be more beneficial than learning from home depending on your learning style.


Excite yourself to learn and get out the house. School isn’t just for young kids who play beer pong. You aren’t going to be the only mom or dad in the classroom and many teachers are considerate of individuals with children. Take advantage of day care the college might offer and look forward to investing in yourself. I made so many mommy friends at school who are so intillegent. They’ve taught me strategies with balancing family/school/work and we’ve had play dates/study dates all in one!

  • Time Management

Balancing mom life and school life is not an easy task but you are able to do it! You will need to set aside time to do mom things and time to do school things. If you are home and you know you have an online test, don’t start dishes. I’ve made the mistake of forgetting I was taking a quiz and started making lunch. Use a planner and make yourself unavailable for certain things as if it’s a shift. Do your homework in a library or at a Starbucks where you cannot be disturbed.

  • Take it serious

Many people take on classes and just stop showing up due to feeling discouraged or hopeless. Parents or not parents- EVERY student feels like this at one point. Let your child be your motivation to finishing school. Make time to study, watch tutorial videos on YouTube, and make friends with classmates who understand the lessons. If you communicate with your professors and classmates, the class will be a breeze!

  • Balance

This is the hardest part of being a full time mom and a student- balancing. When are you going to be available to cook and when should you catch up on a lesson? You know yourself and your family the best. (Getting up earlier is more beneficial than staying up later) Switch up your study routine or try meal prepping and you’ll find out what works best for you! Too much of anything isn’t good, being an awesome mom and a straight A student is very unrealistic, but it can be done! Your attention is going to be distributed into many places when going back to school, and giving it all to one place will damage you.

  • Be The Boss

Marinating chicken, studying for a midterm, and doing laundry right when you get off work is not very satisfying. The brain isn’t an errorless muscle, it makes mistakes when multi-tasking. Delegating chores to your older children or spouse is the way to go! Sometimes you need more time to study and the kids really need clean shirts. Take this an opportunity to allow your kids to do their own laundry, wash their own plates, and take on more responsibilities.

  • All Systems Breach

There is no such thing as a perfect mom or perfect student. Once you find your system and it works, think of ways to customize it and make it rewarding. As a mother you’re already on beast mode, don’t knock yourself just because you missed a HW assignment or forgot about dinner. You deserve a coffee or maybe some champaign, don’t be scared to give yourself some slack! Take time to relax, whether it’s a day off from work or a few hours before bed. YOU DESERVE IT MA’

  • Not All Heros Wear Capes

Counselors, tutors, and resources are available. You don’t always need to meet income requirements to qualify for free tutoring or free school supplies. There are sometimes even psychologist, nurses, and academic counselors for students on campus. Meet them, talk to them, and let them know your situation – they are here to help! Your academic and mental health go hand in hand, sometimes having a full house along with a full schedule is very stressful and people are there to help you!

The power of the mind is unbelievable! Going to school, working two jobs, along with raising a toddler was not an easy task. I am very, and I mean very glad I finished off and got the most of my education! You can do it too if you apply these tips to your school and home life. Read my story here on graduating middle college while raising a child

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