How To Be Glam Ready At All Times

Caking up our faces and color coordinating our outfits can get tiring. Getting ready requires so much energy, you’ve got to find an outfit, dress to your plans, and lastly do your makeup. After doing your hair and sneaking in a cup of coffee there’s always something left to do. After all, there is no book on “how to stay poppin 24/7″ so here are some great tips I’ve picked up on from friends and their mama’s, and their mama’s mama’s on staying glam ready!

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  • Skip The Mall

You read that right. The mall is your enemy when trying to put together glam ready pieces and looks. First, the mall is this vortex that sucks you into buying a lot of crap then manipulates you into buying more crap, it’s how malls are designed. The only beauty in going to the mall is being able to store hop while showing off the outfit you have on. SKIP THE MALL and go straight to thrift stores or online shopping – you’ll find better deals and spend way less putting together your personal glam look.

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  • Skin Care

Have you ever asked yourself, how is my skin? Am I breaking out a lot, is it dry, where are my trouble areas? If you haven’t then start! You will not feel glam if your skin is crying for help. Try sticking to the same products that you know work with your skin. Using things with organic and natural ingredients that will feed your skin yummy nutrients and reduce aging and redness. Packing too many things onto your face will harm your skin and promote acne and redness! Drinking more water and eating more greens will give you a glow from within! (cheapest beauty hack of the century)

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  • Find A Beauty Guru

Is there a specific MUA that you truly adore or inspires you? Look for a MUA who has a similar complexion or skin type as you and study- study- study. Are the makeup products they use ones you should be using? A lot of the time we’ve got to stick together and learn from each other. Youtube is the best place to find your free beauty guru and makeup tester. I personally watch videos of artists who come from a similar ethnic background to mine and have a similar skin tone to me. Next time you shop for makeup ask questions about issues you have with your beauty routine or skincare at Sephora/Ulta- these gems are here to help you with your troubles.


  • Look Good = Feel Good

Sometimes our bodies don’t produce enough endorphins and that’s what makes us feel “euphoric” or naturally feel good. Exercising and moving your body instantly triggers this hormone and it also can help you glow within along with manage weight and reduce depression. Feeling confident and healthy will promote better lifestyle choices that lead to success and also looking fabulous. Yoga and pilates are home friendly along with cardio, try them all to see what floats your boat!


  • Eating The Good Stuff

You are what you eat baby. This may sound like a weak glam ready tip, but it’s true. Baller bellies and greasy t-zones from over indulging on taco bell is not glam. Keep it classy and drink smoothies that are loaded in antioxidants and nutrients. If weight is one of the biggest concerns then try the champaign diet. It’s classy, it’s awesome, and it’s inspiring! Here’s a link to the ebook. You will be moved and inspired from page one and up! It’s fairly simple and I promise you will love it.


  • Timeless Pieces

Jewelry and accessories will make your look go from 0 to 100 instantly. Find a watch to finish your look or use dangly earrings for a sexy put together fit. I truly enjoy watches because they are simplicity at it’s finest. Elegant, sexy, and classy all in one! Earrings are awesome too for spicing up simple looks along with scarves.


  • Altering Your Clothes

Maybe some of the items you have are too big, long, or don’t look right on you. Try fixing them to your body type not fixing your body type for your clothes! If you want to show off your legs, tie the bottoms of your skirts up to make it shorter. Are your shirts making you look larger than you actually are? Pin them back with a safety pin or make it tighter with a belt. The illusion you create will make your style more unique and glamorous.

Looking and feeling glamorous all comes from within, do not be discouraged if you aren’t feeling sexy and confident. Watch this hilarious video on how your menstrual cycle can affect your confidence and hustle!

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