Why You Need To Throw Cheap Parties

When I think of parties all I think about is: cleaning, spending, and hosting. The three things that people either love or hate. Throwing a party does not have to be miserable and can be extremely rewarding. Since summer is here and it is national BBQ and swim season, let’s all take a moment to enjoy it.

For many reasons, bonding with family and friends is extremely healthy. Throwing a party “just because” is very fun. It’s spontaneous, there isn’t a theme, and you do not need to plan ahead of time. Cheap parties are just get togethers with or without alcohol (I prefer the bubbly) that encourage social connection for you, your family, and whoever you want to kick it with.

I’ve hosted cheap parties for years, since I was in the fifth grade. My family was really tight on money, but I was the social butterfly so I would always invite people over. The trick with cheap parties isn’t having a plethora of food it’s about having fun with your guests (I gave my guests cheese and crackers that came with a cheese spreading stick and they didn’t mind). Spontaneous cheap parties are: movie nights, bbq’s, tastings, and picnics. You can throw cheap weddings/birthdays/graduations but these events probably require more guests than our cheap dinky parties.  If a cheap party is within your budget and sounds like something you want to do, here are some tips I have created for throwing the most affordable and unforgettable extravaganza.

How To Throw A Cheap and Enjoyable Party

  • Use items you already have (serving bowls, paper plates, napkins, food)
  • Check out your fridge- you may have 3/4 ingredients to a easy dish
  • Make your menu simple (chips, hot dogs, fruit trays, spaghetti, crackers)
  • Tell everyone, I mean EVERYONE that it is a potluck (EVERYONE BRING SOMETHING)
  • Host in an area you don’t mind cleaning
  • If it’s within your budget – take out is going to be your best friend today – look for promo codes and coupons before placing your orders (many restaurants discount orders)
  • Dollar and discount stores are great places to shop for seasonal parties aka Fourth of July, Halloween, and Easter.
  • Borrow! Ask your friend or cousin, whoever had that cool dance game that was a hit at the last party- ask them to bring it. (My family likes karaoke)
  • Dress Code: if it’s a last minute party let your friends know they don’t need to wear high heels they will thank you later.
  • Dj with Pandora – it’s free and you can customize exactly what you want, whether it’s 80’s or jazz.
  • Keep the younin’s busy – have kid friendly snacks/movies/activities on deck it will make your guests feel more comfortable
  • Pinterest is your personal party planner if you need DIY’s or easy recipes
  • Rent a movie from redbox or login to someones Netflix account to stream movies all night
  • Enjoy the party yourself and don’t worry about cleaning up until everyone’s gone or ready to go. You are the life of the party as the host.

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