10 Makeup Products You Don’t Need

It’s a shame how played we are as females and males into buying crappy makeup products that cost us money. Sometimes, lot’s of money. We’ve hoarded lotions because they’re expensive and we don’t want to throw them away, or we hold onto things thinking that one day we’re going to use them. Truth is you’re not, so I have created a list of products you do not need that you have been convinced into buying and hoarding.

  1. Makeup Remover Wipes biggest scam of the year, they do not wash your face they are simply napkins with makeup remover for the lazy b#tches like us. Opt out for coconut oil or micellar water IT IS SO MUCH CHEAPER and better for your skin.
  2. Brush Cleansers. Guess what ladies, rubbing alcohol and baby soap is 10x’s cheaper. You can wash, and disinfect your bad boys for less than 5$.
  3. Eyeshadow Singles Do you seriously need just one color? Most of the single shades that you do purchase turn out having to be blended with another color just to get that right color. Also, single shades are so much bigger and take up tons of space.
  4. Face Cream I’m not saying all lotions should be banned, just the ones specifically sold for your face.  Your skin is gentle but why do you need a cream for your eyes, face, ears, and toes? Just get one good hydrating oil or lotion for sensitive skin.
  5. Hair Masks Once in a while, these things are good. But you do not need a full size product of this stuff because you only need to moisturize your hair intensely once a month. Deep condition your hair in the shower every other week by leaving your conditioner on with a shower cap for 10+ minutes. The steam will stimulate the hair follicles and give you a nice soft silky look. Or make a DIY hair mask it is so much cheaper.
  6. Spot Treatment I really sympathize for people with acne. There are special lines just for individuals with acne. It isn’t fair because you don’t need special products, you just need one. It is called tea tree oil! This stuff is so good it can be used for everything!
  7. Exfoliating Face Wash You should not be exfoliating every single day. If you are, your skin will be more dry, it takes a few days for the oil in your skin to rehydrate your face, and when you keep rescrubbing you are starting the process all over again. Exfoliate with a real face scrub like St.Ives every other day.
  8. Matching Lip Liners If you have a lipstick you really enjoy, do not buy a matching liner to go with it. There is a thing called clear lip liner and it’ll save you a bunch of money. Also, you are probably only going to use half this product before you lose it.
  9. Contour Pallets These things were so f#ckin hype. What a counter pallet really is: three to five different bronzers and setting powders. Just buy one good bronzer and a lighting concealer then set it with your powder foundation. You don’t need a bulky thing like this unless you’re doing other peoples makeup.
  10. Brush Sets “said no one ever” yet I only use the same 5-8 brushes. It sucks that I am buying packs on packs of brushes and they are so expensive but you don’t need a face brush every time you buy an eye shadow blending brush. I also really like beauty sponges since they can be washed easily and be used all around your face.


It’s so hard getting rid of these products especially because we think we need them, but try out using less and you’ll breeze through your routine a whole lot faster!

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