Dealing with an A#shole Boss

We’ve all had to hold onto jobs we hated, the management sucked, the pay wasn’t good, and your boss was a total jerk off. I’ve had great bosses and terrible bosses- I’m sure you have too (hence why you are here). Here are some awesome ways on dealing with a complete asshole boss.

  • Fight Fire with Kindness

This seems corny and your ego may be burning trying to smile at a person constantly criticizing you but it might be the solution. Your boss may be under pressure but if you can give your boss a little “appreciation” via smile then maybe they’ll lighten up a little bit. Also, talk to your boss and ask them if there’s anything you can improve on. Maybe you’ve been late too many times or you’re not communicating with the team as much as you should.

  • DIY Detective

Alright, you’re doing your job. You’re nice to everyone at work, yet your boss is still on your ass. This is really hard and may seem a bit personal but do you research now. Don’t stir up the pot by gossiping with your coworkers about your boss. Ask your team constructive questions that don’t sound like gossip. Be honest and straight to the point and your coworkers will be honest with you. Say things like, “I’m trying really hard but I seem like insert bosses name here is really frustrated with the way I’m doing things. Is there anything I can improve on?”

  • Documentation

Are things getting worst? If your coworkers say that it seems like your boss is picking on you or even them, then it’s time to spill the tea. Make sure you write down each incident where your boss may approach you or a coworker inappropriately. Write down the words/actions done in a notepad with the time and date. Then contact HR immediately with the issue. Tell them exactly how you feel and be very honest. They will sympathize with you because your boss is not the ruler of the country they are supposed to offer guidance.  Human resources can also give you some tips on company policies.

  • Fight or Flight

You go to work to get paid, and if your boss is interfering with your check turn on your flight or fight instinct. You are a human designed to protect your kill don’t let a bully interfere with your money. Social darwinism is real in the work place, the best eat the best and the weak die off. Do not be weak, you better walk in the door and come in stronger than anyone else. Do not be a snob, but if your boss is saying something inappropriate after you’ve contacted HR then you need to say with your chest, “Hey that was not appropriate please don’t talk to me like that”. I really mean, say it with your chest. Sometimes they need to be put in check too.

  • Lay Out Your Options

Begin your job search. You should start looking for competing companies because they would take you a lot quicker than a different entry level position. Maybe you’re ready to start your own company and now is the time. You’ve gained skills here at this company or maybe you haven’t and you feel like you’re not at your full potential. Start saving 3 months of emergency funding incase you do plan on leaving but it’s best to have another job in line before ditching this one – especially if you live check to check. You are not leaving your job you are leaving your boss.

  • Adios Mutha F#cker

The most bittersweet moment has arrived. You are leaving the dump that has been terrorizing you. The younger me would have did a no call no show and said figure it out. A great mentor of mine said “f#ck them with some class” and give at least a two week notice. It will help the coworkers you’re leaving too, so they’re not stuck picking up all the work you straight out left. I like turning in signed resignation letters because I feel like a boss, but emails are okay too if you feel like the personal contact may be too much.

We wish you the best of luck dealing with your jerk boss, but we believe in you!


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