12 Ways to Raise a Successful Child

In your child’s eyes, you are the best freakin’ parent in the entire world. They are born to love and cherish you, but sometimes you may feel unsure if you are parenting your child the best way possible. Here are twelve things commonly practiced between the parents of successful children and recommended by child development psychologist.

  1. Be their biggest fan – they don’t have to play sports for you to cheer them on.
  2. Reward correctly – if they earned something do not say, “look what I bought you”.
  3. Teach them about money – let them see how money is used and the value of it.
  4. Talk positively – If you are bad mouthing their aunt or even their teacher your child will more than likely feel the same way.
  5. Be Silly – whoever said your kid isn’t your best friend probably has a stick up their behind. Love your kids and be playful with them it’s an opportunity to bond.
  6. Punishments – timeouts shouldn’t be the worst experience ever but they should be teaching a lesson. Here is How to Give an Effective Timeout.
  7. Censorship – Kids will do things we don’t want them doing. Telling them that there is a time and place for things is more appropriate than going straight to timeout.
  8. Encourage Self Fulfillment – you don’t need to stream youtube every minute they’re awake. Teach your kids that playing with toys and other household objects (kid friendly) is preferred. This stimulates creativity and self help skills.
  9. Ask About Their Lives – your child is a growing being and may not be making the healthiest choices. Ask them about things they want to talk about and it will build trust, allowing you into their lives.
  10. Teach them Everything – manners/chores/languages/writing/drawing whatever you know. Teach the little one as long as they’re interested. If they aren’t interesting make it interesting and get creative!
  11. Make Home Happy – Children are sponges, and if you are bad mouthing your partner or another person in the home your child may feel that energy. Fighting with your spouse in front of your child is traumatizing for obvious reasons as well.
  12. Too Much of Anything is Bad – Take control over the amount of screen time your children are getting, offer them more choices than french fries, and encourage them to try new things. Diversity is in its prime!

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