The Real Reason You Have No Time

Have you ever wondered why you don’t get enough time off your feet? After practicing time management, creating budgets, and working your behind off you’re still restless and maybe broke?  If you’ve cut down on sleep, downloaded tons of apps that should be helping you, and trap yourself at home then this one’s specially crafted for you!

You Have Too Much Sh#t – This is the real reason you are stuck at home, why you spend so much money, and why you are so stressed. You will never finish the laundry because of that big pile of dishes in the sink or you can’t vacuum because there is too many toys on the floor. My favorite is you can’t drive anywhere because you’ll lose your parking spot. I’ve struggled and still struggle with these issues, but have you ever asked yourself? What if I had less plates or what if I walked instead of driving? When you hear about a potential boyfriend/girlfriends baggage, it immediately puts a halt to your  potential relationship, so why don’t you red flag your baggage literally?

What Your Brains Been Telling You- There’s a stress signal that goes straight to our brains when we see clutter called cortisol. This evil little thing is a chemical that produces body odor, hyper tension, and migraines. Signs of clutter or mess will signal your brain that something is not done. If you are constantly seeing mess you will constantly be stressed and your adrenal functions are going to be through the roof. This may be a reason why you constantly feel trapped at home. Your brain is telling you something is not done therefore you must stay home.

What Your Body’s Telling You – Maybe you didn’t even realize that you had a pile of crap you were holding onto for no reason, our brains do weird things. We hold useless items because we believe one day that it could hold value. Useless crap are books that you’ve been “meaning” to read. Useless things are apps that you haven’t deleted because the free trials expired. Every day you are slowed down or hindered because you keep tripping over these useless items in your personal hallway (literally and mentally). You may be more tired because you spend so much time cleaning or sorting things out. You also might not be quick out the door because you’re trying to look for your other shoe. These are both real life examples on how things we hold onto can hold us back.

Replacing Instead of Reusing– Every time your ink pens go dry do you go out then buy a whole new pack? Why not buy a reusable pen or ask someone else for one? Whenever our cars start breaking down we say, “it’s almost time to get a new car”. This consumerist brain of yours keeps tricking you into rebuying something you already have, instead of reworking and replacing the thing we love. There aren’t any commercials that say, “hey we offer free waranty don’t buy a new one, just fix it”. Instead, we’re used to “is your old one dying, heres the brand new bla bla bla it works better and faster”. This is why we hoard so much, because your consumerist brain says that things cannot be fixed but need to be replaced. Or maybe that isn’t you and you might still be trying to get “the last bit of life” from your item since you spent so much on it. If that’s the case, you should only be buying once something is done and get rid of it completely. You don’t need a backup! The closest store will have it, or their competitor will and so on.

Adopting Garbage– We all do it. I am the guiltiest, my grandmother always buys things on clearance and she doesn’t need them so she gives it to me. Of course, I don’t want to “decline this gift” but do I really need a picture frame when I download all my pictures digitally? No. Neither do you! Saying “no thank you” to things you do not want is different than saying I don’t appreciate this item to a person you love. Also, friends and their guests like to leave things everywhere, here’s the deal – you let them know they left it and have x amount of time to pick it up or you’re tossing it. You are not the lost and found of the 21st century.  If it was super valuable, they will come back within a week and get it. If not, hello goodwill.

Let It Go– There is a song called, “Let it Go” and the entire song is about a leaving crappy man and hanging out with your girlfriends. That is exactly my point. Like Keyshia and Missy said, kick out all your junk (men) and go have fun with your friends, go on a beautiful hike, get out of town. Whatever makes you happy chase it in the wind and throw out whatever is stopping you. Life’s hallway will thank you!

Only you know exactly what you use and don’t use. Please get rid of the idea that something will get used eventually or have a higher value later. If it is in your possession and you don’t need it, give it up and do it now because you will feel better & have more time doing things you want to do.

Things You Need to Throw Out Now:

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    1. Thank you for your feedback babe! I’ve been working on this myself and I am for sure out the house a lot quicker but it’s such a process, id love to know how the process is for you!

      1. I did the same thing with my hair! I was so tired of brushing/curling/straightening it all and I cut it shorter. I felt so relieved afterwards! I’m so glad this was a success for you 😍

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