Why Minimalism Can Change Your Life

The immediate feeling you get unwrapping a newly bought item feels so freakin’ good, but how does it feel to look at your bank account and not have enough money to pick up a nice dinner with your friends? It sucks, it almost hurts, and it’s extremely embarrassing. We as consumers are told “this new and shiny item will give you self worth, it ranks your social class, and your economic status” wrong. We have been convinced our whole lives that we need to buy, buy, buy. As consumers our glass is always half empty, we’re never going to have it all unless we buy everything (this is unrealistic). I’ve transitioned into a life style called minimalism and it was so easy, plus it makes me extremely happy. Here’s a how to dip your feet into minimalism without throwing everything out your house.

  • Go to an area that stresses you out

Find a junk drawer or head straight to your closet. Clutter instantly triggers stress and if you’re noticing that all your stressors are due to clutter, ding ding we’ve found your start spot. Sit in that area or stare at that drawer and look at what’s really in it. Count how many items are in there and reorganize it. If reorganizing it stresses you out, then yes- you’ve found your start spot so here comes the fun part.

  • Sort out your items

We’re not going to spend time valuing what items actually are worth. We’re going to sort them out as if we’re going to throw them all away. Recycle, give away, or trash. Look at how many items need to be thrown away because they can’t be recycled or check out how many clothes you want to give away because you’d rather die before throwing that brand new shirt out.

  • Determine the Value

This is the hardest part, because it requires the most thinking. Detach your mind from every beauty blog, reality tv show, and whatever your fashionista sister has ever told you. Ask yourself and think back on how many times you have used the item. Do you really like it? Are you holding onto it because it cost a lot? Did someone give it to you and you don’t want to throw it away? You are developing your own style here, your own happiness, and your own necessities not society.

  • Kick it to the Curb

Now that you’ve picked your few items that actually hold a special place in your heart kick everything to the curb. Recycle, toss, donate. Please do this right away, as soon as those items are out of sight, they are out of mind. You will instantly be empowered with your willpower to say f#ck you producers I am not buying anymore of your sh#t!

  • You’re Empowered

Examine how you feel after tossing all that junk. Do you feel happy? Are you proud of yourself? Do you have the energy to go for a run or walk your dog? Keep track of how it feels to declutter and get rid of that unnecessary energy wasting your time and space.

  • Go Out and Live More

Cramming yourself at home because you don’t have enough money to go out is a lame excuse a lot of people like to use. Quit being lazy and actually do something you enjoy, hit up a book store, go to a nearby park, or visit a festival. Once you are done decluttering reward yourself instantly- here are some fun ways to reward yourself, reduce stress, and relax for cheap.

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