Tips on Overcoming Anxiety and Being Positive

In a life full of goal chasing, catastrophes, and stress it’s so hard to stay positive and not fall down the dark scary path of depression and anxiety. I’ve worked with kids fighting these battles along with myself. It’s extremely difficult trying to turn your brain off especially when there is so much to do. When someone hits you with the “just stop thinking it’s the most unhelpful thing in the world, so here’s how to stay positive and turn your stress into positive productive you time.

  • Your Mind Cannot Just Stop Thinking

Your brain is an active component and keeps you breathing, moving, and present. Shutting it off or suppressing yourself with meds/drugs/alcohol is going to damage your frontal lobe and only damage your memory.  Distraction is key and here are some fun and interesting Ways to Distract Yourself if you can’t bring yourself to ease.

  • Write Down All of Your Accomplishments

Having a visual aid does some weird self love magic to the brain, pick a pretty color or designate a special notebook to all your goals and accomplishments. Check off the goals you’re slowly working on, whether it’s cooking a certain meal or paying off a debt. You actually keeping track of your progress will only motivate you to keep going.

  • Think Before Speaking

The best business advice I’ve ever received is: do not talk too much. Over talking about a situation will generate stress and make you over think about a situation which can cause irrational decision making. If you really sit and think about whatever issue you are trying to be more positive about, do it don’t speak about it. Actions will always speak louder than words.

  • Plants Create Mindfulness

Get a cheap plant, a fake plant, a giant plant. Just get a freakin’ plant. These natural hues in your home and the beauty of nature just sitting next to your sink will bring instant relief. Go out and buy one, it doesn’t have to be expensive but I promise it is so addicting. The positive energy that plants give and the things they offer will sell you, they purify the air, reduce dust, and increase humidity (aka good for your skin).

  • Keep it Clean

Everyone has different ways of dealing with stress- many people draw, I personally like to write or use a bullet journal. As odd as it sounds, cleaning also really helps cope with stress. Clutter sends negative stimulus to the brain and when you’re surrounded by piles of dishes and laundry your brain will not be at ease. Your serotonin levels will be at perfect balance as soon as you walk into a clean room or car. This is the reason why we like staying in hotel rooms, buying brand new cars, or walking into show rooms. The ease of being in a tidy area will instantly help you become more productive and focused without the sense of being rushed.

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