35 Cheap Ways to Distract Yourself

  1. Imagine yourself sitting on a beach. Each thought that produces anxiety or stress imagine that thought running to the boat and floating onto the left. The boats keep floating by and your thoughts keep floating away.
  2. Drink a cup of chamomile tea with a nice face mask on
  3. Take a bubble bath and bring a book
  4. Stretch or exercise for ten – twenty minutes to shake off the nervousness
  5. Play with a pet or a child
  6. Go for a walk outside
  7. Pack up for a picnic
  8. Go to a happy place where you have no phone, no kids, and you’re doing an activity that makes you happy
  9. Start a bullet journal
  10. Paint a picture of your favorite place
  11. Write down all your accomplishments
  12. Clear your calendar for one day and take your time doing whatever you want
  13. Get a massage (check groupon for cheap massages/spa days)
  14. Grab coffee or go on a walk with a friend
  15. Print out a coloring page and work on it until you’ve finished
  16. Sign up for charity or volunteer work outdoors
  17. Light candles and play relaxing music while cooking an easy dinner
  18. Cooking and saving the clean up for later
  19. Try something spontaneous and don’t tell anyone until you’ve done it
  20. Turn off all electronics and clean the house (music is okay)
  21. Make a playlist of songs that make you happy
  22. Take your kids to the park and actively play with them
  23. Practice your makeup or hair skills then wash it all off with a face mask, leave in hair conditioner, and body scrub.
  24. Plant fresh herbs for your kitchen
  25. Go fruit picking if in the right season
  26. Head over to the city to see any free shows or attractions
  27. Look up new recipes and make a cook book
  28. Redecorate your house without buying any new furniture
  29. Sunbathe naked in your backyard if you have the privacy
  30. Sit in a jacuzzi (bath houses exist if you check yelp)
  31. Go to a book store and read as many books as you can inside
  32. Meditate for five minutes in a quiet place and focus on breathing
  33. Write about your feelings and worries then rip up the paper and put it in a “stress box”
  34. Check out calm.com for relaxing vocal narratives and nature sounds. They offer a free 7 days of calm program that focus on sleep/meditation/relaxation
  35. Give yourself alone time to do whatever you need to do.

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