How to Jumpstart Your Career

Do you feel like you’re too good for the position you’re at? We’ve all been there, I will tell you that. Finding a job that you enjoy with good pay and your experience may seem impossible. Let me tell you a little secret, there is a way to get the job YOU WANT without the four years of experience and the degree. Here’s how to find it, get it, and keep it.

How to Find The Job You Want

  1. On a sheet of paper, write down all the jobs you’ve ever wanted since you were a kid, one of them will spark joy.
  2. Look on website’s like or and filter your location, desired salary, and level of entry to see what jobs are on the market
  3. Once you find something that seems enjoyable based on the job description highlight that company’s name, and look for employee reviews about the company.
  4. If everything is looking great, move onto the next step by applying


How to Get the Job You Want

  1.  Look up information about the company that you can relate to (where they originated from/what they sell/what they may manage) ANYTHING that will make you and this company compatible
  2. Touch up your resume then highlight and emphasize what key roles you did in whatever position that may be relevant to the one you’re applying to. (Resumes are not a one size fit all thing – they can be altered)
  3. Write your cover letter and make sure to include all that you’ve earned from Step 1 along with mentioning your awesome skills.
  4. Apply and make sure to leave good contact information (some positions need to be filled ASAP)
  5. COOL, you’ve got an interview – make sure you’ve done more studying on the company and try to look at websites like to see what people said they were asked during their interview.
  6. Dress up as business professional as you can (slacks/flats/white blouse) simple makeup also works best.
  7.  Follow up with a friendly email and let them know you are still interested and would like more information regarding the position.

Keeping the Job of Your Dreams

  • Show up & show out – be the best you can be at work aka be punctual
  • Make friends with your coworkers and show your boss that you can work with them – also you’ll have it a lot easier if your co workers actually like you.
  • Always ask questions and admit to your mistakes, the blame game is not played at work.
  • Dress up and don’t show up looking like a bum because your boss see’s how much you actually care about getting up and being there.
  • Communicate with EVERYONE in that building from the Starbucks downstairs, to the mailman. Being friendly will not f#ck you over, but talking too much will.
  • Show appreciation to the people who’ve trained you, worked with you, and supported you.


If this “dream job” doesn’t work out for you as much as you thought it would, try it out with another company and be completely honest with this one. “I truly appreciate everything I’ve learned here,  bla bla bla. I apologize but this may not be the best fit for me, again thank you for your time”. Cut the bullshit and they will love to be a reference for you, because at least you tried and you were openly honest.



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