Managing Finals Week

This is the most stressful week for college students all around the world. Finals week is the one time of year all your teachers decide to test you on EVERYTHING you have learned within the last four months at the same time. This system is almost as bad as the electoral college, but instead of b#tching about it, I’ll tell you all how I’ve dealt with finals and made them my b#tch.

  • Get Busy

One of the best west coast philosophers once said, “check yourself, before you wreck yourself”. I’m not blogging from Compton but college professors can be worst than gang bangers during finals week. I’m only referring to the professors who insist on checking the syllabus every time you have a question.  Go through all of your classes syllabi then write the due dates in your calendar along with the days you will work on them. VISUAL SCHEDULING IS MUY IMPORTANTE .

  • Hold the Champaign

The most consumed beverage during finals week is caffeine yet liquor is up there too, especially once I’m done studying (reinforcements are necessary) . As much as you deserve a blue moon just wait on it! Liquor is going to disturb your sleep and you will feel crappier waking up than you did after studying. Waiting til the end of finals week and celebrating big is going to be better and you won’t be drinking alone.

  • Fuel yo fine self’

Going into a final or cramming before a presentation on an empty stomach is not a good feeling. I can’t emphasize on how important having snacks is (every blog says something about snacks). Yes, fast food is so tempting since you could sit through a drive thru and do your makeup while fulfilling your french fry craving all within 10 minutes. The cafeteria on campus is so busy along with the coffee shop, so I suggest meal prepping healthy snacks. Over boarding on little snacks and coffee is common during finals week and leads to really bad caffeine with draws and lack of healthy fats.

  • Stay Clean

Hygienically speaking, taking showers and bathes are your personal preference. If you skip out on your morning routine to get parking you’re not only gonna feel sh#tty, but you’ll smell really sh#tty too. Stress increases your body odor levels and if you walk around smelling like a moist onion the only person hurting is you honey. Keep deodorant on deck and ready to use tooth brushes (wisps) if you really don’t have time to get ready. Also check out Tips for Getting Ready Quick if you have only thirty minutes to get your behind to class.

  • Get It On

You are obviously super stressed trying to drink a good amount of h2o, studying, and not calling off work due to sleep deprivation. Making time to exercise every day is almost impossible when you work full time, go to school full time, and have a kid. Having sex at least three times a week is just as good as 45 minutes of cardio (this tip is great if you’re taking your stress out on your partner due to hell week). Not only are you getting your exercise and lowering your stress but, you are also connecting with your boo.

  • Stay Connected

Hopefully you’ve made friends in your classes and have some of their numbers. Studying in a group can be extremely unhelpful but if you pick the smartest apples you are going to benefit. There is always someone more knowledgable than you in every class, be their friend because they might need you too! A classmate and I took turns testing each other with flash cards and it helped a ton.

  • Get Help

The library is packed as f#ck during finals week and it’s embarrassing especially if you’ve gone all semester long then all of a sudden people decide to get their lives together.  If you really need the help, meet with a tutor in advance but don’t rely on them for all your answers because some of them really don’t understand or their teaching style may not be in your best interest. Your top 3 options should be: meet with your professor during their office hours, connect with at least two classmates, and hit the tutor labs.

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