Tips for Getting Ready Quick

Mornings suck, we can make them suck less. Yes, it’s possible to get ready in less than 15 minutes so here is how:

  • Get Ready the Night Before

Save your time instantly by showering the night before, getting your clothes ready the day before and checking the weather ahead of time.

  • Multi-use Products

Have you ever tried concealer? This stuff works on your zits, brows, under your eyes, and can lighten discolored area’s. Blending concealer is so much easier than foundation because it’s lighter and you can add more or less coverage. Mascara works on lashes but if applied lightly can be used as a brow gel. Beauty sponges are the best because you can wash them as your using them. I can blend my entire face with one product from concealer to liquid highlighter.

  • Hair do’s in less than FIVE minutes

I’ve had long hair, dyed hair, short hair, and even damaged hair. The number one favorite is a top knot bun. Throwing your hair in a bun is so much cleaner than letting an untamed mane free. You can clean the look up with gel, bobby pins, and hair spray. Head scarves are a must have if you’re a short haired curly girl. *Wash your hair the days that you know you won’t be styling them to save dry time.

  • ALWAYS Have Sunglasses

Some days, you may not even have 15 minutes. Keeping a pair of dark shades in your bag or in the car will never do you wrong. Nobody know’s whats going on under these babies, if you have the privilege of keeping them on for most of the day just add some lip gloss and you are all set!

  • Keep an Emergency Kit

Creating a makeup bag specifically for emergency mornings is the best investment you’ll ever make. Having this ER kit is good when you need a touch up or couldn’t finish your routine at home. If you can, get to your destination then do your make up in the car. You will have better lighting and be less rushed. (My ER kit has a lip pencil sharpener, brow pencil, mascara, and tinted moisturizer).

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