Set Your Morning Up For Success

Each morning you wake up feeling unmotivated, tired, and spend the rest of the day suffering. This is TOTALLY normal because, it turns out that 57% of all American’s avoid waking up on time every single morning. Half of the general population feels the same exact way you are feeling, so here’s how to turn a whack morning into the perfect morning.

  • Make the first hour, YOUR hour

I am not waking up an hour before I normally do“. Honey, try it out and tell me how great it feels to turn on the news with a hot cup of coffee . It is B E A U T I F U L – spend time reading, catching up on tv, or make yourself some breakfast. We will call this your power hour. It is scientifically proven that starting your morning feeling un-rushed and relaxed will lead to a productive day.

  • Get Ready to SLAY – literally

Looking presentable not only makes you feel a hundred thousand times better, but people take you more serious in a real outfit compared to a Victoria Secret sweat suit. Hard Hustlin’ Honeys know that some days call for yoga pants and slides, but every day is a new opportunity for you to wow someone new. For all you know you may meet a new  business partner, potential client, or sponsor. Getting ready can be super quick, here’s some tips to getting ready quick and still looking

  • F#ck Social Media

Let’s get straight to the point, social media is a waste of your morning. The average user spends about ten to eighteen minutes scrolling through their newsfeed. Your local news channel requires less attention than actively scrolling. Any time you are tuned into the news the anchor will usually go over the time every five minutes,  weather conditions, and traffic reports (extremely helpful if you commute). Also, you can just blast the TV while getting ready! It is an effortless tool every Hard Hustlin’ Honey should be using.

  • Plan your day/week/month

Planning your schedule will become addicting once you start seeing the results. There are so many reasons why physically writing out your schedule on paper or in an app is going to benefit you. I promise you that this tip will be your life saver. Visually seeing how your day is going to play out will set you up for success. Write out your morning, afternoon, and evening – fill in the slots with the activity and time you need to be there. Real bosses never cancel and are always on time (for the most part)- hence why they hire personal assistants to plan their schedules, can you say #goals?

  • Pack Snacks!

Your morning doesn’t end once you leave the house, and after getting ready, loading the car, and driving from A to B you’ll end up needing some energy. Throw some snacks in your purse before you leave the house- I love reusable containers full of fruit, cheese, and nuts. Having snacks or meals prepared before leaving the house is extremely time saving and convenient because it’s ready on demand. Waiting in line for your latte and spinach wrap is no fun when you’re starving and in a hurry.

  • Send Some Love

If you spend a lot of your morning commuting I would say this is a lovely tip for you. Start off your day sending out good morning texts and encouraging your friends to have a good day. You will get mutual energy, plus having someone to talk to or catch up with is always a great feeling, especially after you’ve had breakfast or have some time to kill. Pick and choose who to share this activity with, some people may not want a full blown conversation first thing in the morning.

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